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HAP’s Leadership Summit Closes with a Look at Health Care’s post-COVID-19 Future

May 13, 2021

On Thursday, prominent futurist and author Ian Morrison, PhD, discussed the ways the COVID-19 pandemic upended the norms in health care and offered a look at what could come next.

Throughout the pandemic, the nation’s hospitals have demonstrated “agility and resourcefulness,” embracing telehealth, deploying new clinical approaches, and overcoming the loss of scheduled procedures and other operational challenges, Morrison said.

“The question is: what will remain permanently in terms of these transformations?” asked Morrison, an internationally known author, consultant, and futurist specializing in long-term health care forecasting.

Morrison was the final speaker during HAP’s three-day Leadership Summit. The virtual event convened leaders from across the state to share perspectives, hear from a powerful slate of experts, and address some of the pressing issues facing the health care community.

On the summit’s final day, Morrison discussed health care’s next steps after the pandemic and credited hospitals for their evolution during the past year.

“Of all the institutions in America, health systems have really stood up as one of the premier examples of doing the right thing for the right reasons,” Morrison said.

Among the key takeaways from Morrison’s presentation:

  • Digital shift:  The “genie of telehealth is not going back in the bottle,” Morrison said, but health care leaders will need to contemplate how digital technology can reinvigorate their core operations
  • Home health innovation:  Health care continues to move beyond the four walls of the hospital, and home health offers opportunities for innovation
  • The value of scale:  Health systems used their vast array of resources to meet the challenges of the pandemic, and the value of scale should be considered during future policy discussions surrounding health care reform
  • Disruption and innovation:  There are major players looking to spark innovation in health care, and there may be opportunities to build partnerships with big technology firms, retail organizations, and other so-called “disruptors,” Morrison said

HAP’s President and CEO Andy Carter concluded the Leadership Summit with remarks highlighting the important issues facing the health care community and a note of thanks to Pennsylvania’s hospitals for their outstanding commitment to patients and the communities they serve.

HAP thanks everyone who took part in this year’s virtual Leadership Summit. Registrants will have access to the panel sessions for 30 days. For more information, contact HAP’s Education Department or call (717) 561-5270.