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Governor Wolf Signs Bills to Support Physician Assistants, Health Care Workforce

HAP-supported legislation eliminates administrative barriers

October 07, 2021

Governor Wolf today signed legislation that supports the hospital workforce and allows physician assistants to work to the full extent of their training.

On Thursday, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bills 397 and 398. The HAP-supported legislation, sponsored by Senator Joe Pittman (R- Indiana), makes permanent COVID-19 waivers that have made it easier for physician assistants to practice in Pennsylvania.

The Governor’s final approval comes after the state Senate approved the legislation last week. This legislation will:

  • Ensure physician assistants can practice immediately upon filing of an executed supervisory agreement, eliminating administrative-approval delays that can extend 120 days or longer
  • Allow physicians to supervise up to six physician assistants
  • Give physician assistants and physicians more flexibility to decide how they want to work together in their daily practice
  • Place a physician and a physician assistant on the medical and osteopathic boards

HAP continues to advocate for state lawmakers to make permanent other critical COVID-19 waivers and flexibilities that have expanded telehealth services, improved access to vaccines at pharmacies, and addressed scope-of-practice challenges.

For more information, contact Warren Kampf, senior vice president, advocacy and external affairs; or Heather Tyler, vice president, state legislative advocacy.