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PA Hospitals

Pennsylvania Hospital Stories of Healing, Health, and Hope

Read Pennsylvania hospital stories of healing, health, and hope. Pennsylvania hospitals are working to improve patient care, connect with patients and families, and make their communities healthier.

The symbol of the blue and white “H” stands for safe, quality care at the most vulnerable times in life. 

It also stands for all the work being done beyond the walls of hospitals throughout Pennsylvania communities.

Learn more about the Pennsylvania hospital community’s commitment to a Healthy Pennsylvania.

Recent Stories

Abington Health: Providing Options for Care Beyond Hospital’s Walls

Abington Health Home Care provides services for persons who are too sick or disabled to care for themselves, yet well enough not to be admitted to a hospital or nursing home.

Abington Health: Managing Chronic Conditions

Abington Health’s Community Chronic Care Management Program helps people with chronic illness manage their health and the changes brought about by illness.

Allegheny Health Network: Urgent Care Center Fills Critical Community Need for Care

Allegheny Health Network opens an urgent care center for a community in need of medical care and services close to home.

Aria Health Torresdale: Emergency Department Expands to Meet Community Need

Aria Health Torresdale's Emergency Department’s expansion and reengineered process for assessing and treating patients allows for sharply reduced wait times and a more streamlined process for patient care.

Bryn Mawr Hospital: Stroke Intervention Saves Life of Young Woman

Main Line Health's Bryn Mawr Hospital provides stroke patients with life-saving care in its state-of-the-art neuro-interventional lab.

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital: Providing Individuals with Disabilities with Training, Employment

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s Project SEARCH provides on-the-job training and employment opportunities for individuals with cognitive and/or physical disabilities.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Improving Patient Safety through Prevention

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s “Good Catch” and “Safety Coach” programs are part of its culture of patient safety.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Violence Prevention Initiative

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia applies a tiered-risk public health model to interrupt the cycle of violence and and provide hope and healing to youth in the community.

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh: Providing Care for Rare Genetic Syndrome

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh’s Center for Prader-Willi Syndrome is the world’s only comprehensive, hospital-based inpatient program for medical, behavioral, and rehabilitation management of this condition in children and adults.

The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh: Recovering Mobility, Strength and Hope

The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh’s Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program offers Locomotor Training to children and youth as part of a multidisciplinary approach to regain maximum function possible from spinal cord and other injuries.

Crozer-Keystone Health System: Providing Comprehensive Health Screenings for the Community

Crozer-Keystone Health System created a series of free events to help the local community receive important health screenings.

Crozer-Keystone Health System: Supporting Health Education in Delaware County Schools

Crozer-Keystone Health System’s Passport to Health Program is helping to educate the community’s children about disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.

Fox Chase Cancer Center: Clinical Trials Provide Cutting Edge Treatments, Close to Home

Fox Chase Cancer Center’s “Be the Breakthrough” educational campaign and clinical trials offer patients promising new treatments not otherwise available.

Fox Chase Cancer Center: The Power of Screening

Fox Chase Cancer Center provides breast, skin, and prostate cancer screenings to people where they live and work throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

Fox Chase Cancer Center: Rapid Access Service Helps New Patients Make Next-Business-Day Appointments

Fox Chase Cancer Center’s commitment to next-business-day appointments though its Rapid Access Services helps to relieve some of the anxiety that cancer patients face.

Fulton County Medical Center: Doing the Right Thing

The Fulton County Medical Center provides compassion and care for a child with severe burns without knowing if that care would be paid for by her family’s insurance company.

Fulton County Medical Center: Therapists Help Determined Toddler to Walk

Fulton County Medical Center’s physical and occupational therapists worked to help a toddler with physical challenges finally take her first steps.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network: Feeding Rehab Program Helps Toddler Thrive

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network provides personalized feeding rehab treatment plans that helped one young patient establish positive interactions with food and regular meal times.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network: Concussion Care Helps Patient Enjoy Life

Good Shepherd Rehab Network provides comprehensive concussion care to a patient with misdiagnosed neurological symptoms.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network: Helping a Young Dancer to Dance Again

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network works one-on-one with patients to develop individualized physical therapy programs.

Grand View Health: Promoting Health and Wellness through Get Fit with a Doc Initiative

Grand View Hospital’s Get Fit with a Doc program is helping community members get into shape and lose weight while learning about improving their health.

Heritage Valley Health System: LifeSmart Program Helps Individuals to Make Health a Priority

Heritage Valley Health System’s LifeSmart Program is designed to help individuals make healthy food choices, increase physical activity, and develop skills in making lifestyle changes.

KidsPeace: Quiet Carts & Toolboxes Help to Create Relaxing Environment for Patients

KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital’s implementation of “quiet carts” and “toolboxes” teach young patients how to calm down and entertain themselves.

KidsPeace: Reinventing the Safe Room

KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital has reinvented the traditional safe room and turned it into a soothing relaxation space that appeals to the senses.

KidsPeace: Superheroes Help Young Patients Manage Behavior

A new program at KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital teaches pre-adolescents to look within themselves to find their own super powers to help manage their behavior.

Lancaster General Health: Vital Partner in Community Health Efforts

Lancaster General Health is partnering to make the community a better place to live, work, learn, and play.

Lancaster General Health: Nurse-Family Partnership Gives First-Time Moms and Their Babies a Healthy Start

Lancaster General Health’s Nurse-Family Partnership breaks the cycle of poverty for many families, providing support and counseling to new mothers about health, child care, education, and employment.

Lankenau Medical Center: Revolutionary Treatment for Cancer Improves Quality of Life

Lankenau Medical Center offers revolutionary treatments and robotically-assisted procedures that improve the quality of life for colorectal cancer patients.

Main Line Health: Employees’ Commitment to Care Continues 24/7

Main Line Health’s employees’ commitment to caring for their community extends beyond their work hours.

Paoli Hospital: Life-Saving Trauma Care, Close to Home

Paoli Hospital’s high-quality trauma care helps every day to save the lives in the community.

PinnacleHealth System: Quick Diagnosis, Treatment Saves Lives

PinnacleHealth System’s quick diagnosis and high-quality care saves lives.

PinnacleHealth System: Training Clinicians for Excellence in Care

PinnacleHealth System’s Surgical Skills Lab provides a safer, more cost-effective option for staff hands-on training.

Pocono Medical Center: Improving Health through Community Weight Loss Initiative

Pocono Medical Center’s successful weight-loss program helps all participating losers to win with a healthier body mass, overall weight, and lifestyle.

St. Joseph Regional Health Network: Achieving Excellent Outcomes…for Mother Earth, too!

St. Joseph Regional Health Network’s successful efforts to recycle and reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint have received national recognition.

Susquehanna Health: Personalized, Consistent Care Make the Difference for Williamsport Patient 

Susquehanna Health’s Spinal Rehab Program at Williamsport Regional Medical Center’s consistent and personalized care significantly enhanced the quality of life for a quadriplegic patient.

Temple University Hospital: ‘Eczema School’ Educates Children, Families

Temple University Hospital’s first-of-its-kind eczema school was developed to meet the educational needs of children and families who suffer from eczema.

Temple University Hospital: Supporting Communication with a Culturally Diverse Community

Temple University Hospital has made safe and effective communication between caregivers and their limited English-proficient patients a part of its culture.

UPMC: Successful Bone Cancer Treatment Saves Young Man’s Life

UPMC’s bone cancer treatment saved the life of a young athlete.

UPMC: When Original Diagnosis Quickly Leads to More, Prompt Care is the Key

UPMC provided comprehensive treatment as a community member’s diagnosis quickly turns into three.

UPMC: Trauma Center’s Care Saves the Life of Physician

UPMC’s trauma team provides life-saving care to a local physician.

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