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HAP’s Achievement Award Spotlight: WellSpan Health

July 26, 2019

HAP Achievement Awards LogoWellSpan Health was awarded the 2019 HAP Achievement Award, Living the Vision, for its project, “Linking Community Partnerships, Innovations, and Hospital Operations to Solve Community Challenges and Achieve Better Outcomes for Fellow Community Members.”

The project’s goals was to help hospital patients medically ready for discharge to find affordable nursing home, personal care home, or other housing options and avoid unnecessarily long hospital stays.

To do this, WellSpan worked with community partners—including local government, social service agencies, and volunteer groups—to meet the challenge of reintegrating long-length-of-stay patients into the community.

This collaboration resulted in the following three approaches: (1) A nursing home bed-lease program in a county-owned nursing home to assist patients transitioning to nursing home care; (2) A recuperative care bed-lease program that integrates primary care, home health, and pharmacy care in a personal care home setting for up to 45 days for patients requiring this kind of support; and (3) A collaborative effort, organized and led by a community leadership advisory council sponsored by the hospital, to prevent the further loss of low-income personal care homes.

The bed-lease programs have successfully reduced the amount of time long-length-of-stay patients spend in the hospital once they are medically ready to transition to other settings. During a two-year period, these programs avoided 3,776 days in long length of stays, increasing hospital capacity by two beds/day and saving nearly $2 million.

WellSpan Health 2019 HAP Achievement Award Winner PhotoHAP congratulates WellSpan Health for its work that demonstrated accomplishments in all dimensions of the Triple Aim of improving population health and the patient experience, while reducing health care costs.

Learn more about this project and the rest of the 2019 HAP Achievement Awards at HAP’s website.

Questions about the HAP Achievement Awards may be directed to HAP Member Services at (717) 561-5359.

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