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Nurse Leaders, Lawmakers Rally in Support of Full Practice Authority for Certified Nurse Practitioners

April 09, 2019

Nurse practitioners and health care champions met in Harrisburg today to rally in support of legislative proposals to help advanced practices professionals obtain full practice authority in Pennsylvania.

The event, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, coincided with the introduction of House Bill 100—sponsored by state Representative Jesse Topper (R–Bedford)—which would allow certified nurse practitioners (CNP) to practice to the full scope of their license without the need for physician supervision after they have worked under such supervision for three years and 3,600 hours. House Bill 100 is identical to HAP-supported Senate Bill 25, which is sponsored by state Senator Camera Bartolotta (R–Washington). Last week, Senate Bill 25 cleared a key committee vote; it currently awaits a vote by the full state Senate body.

Twenty-two other states, as well as the District of Columbia, have enacted laws to reduce the regulatory burden that prohibits advanced practice professionals from providing the level of patient care they have been trained to do.

HAP believes that CNPs are a critical part of Pennsylvania’s care teams and supports these proposals. CNPs are highly trained and skilled professionals who do not need constant oversight to provide excellent patient care. Allowing certified nurse practitioners to obtain full practice authority could help to ease the shortage of primary care and mental health providers, and expand access to preventive services. 

HAP thanks Senate Bill 25 sponsor, state Senator Bartolotta, and House Bill 100 sponsor, state Representative Topper for recognizing the need to reduce the red tape and expand the practice authority of CNPs.

For more information, contact Warren Kampf, senior vice president, advocacy and external affairs, or Stephanie Watkins, vice president, state legislative advocacy.

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