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HAP Achievement Awards Spotlight: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

October 30, 2018

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Eastern Regional Medical Center received HAP’s 2018 “In Safe Hands” Achievement Award for a multi-year effort to reduce the incidence of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). As a result of this initiative, the center eliminated CDI among its patients during 15 consecutive months and is working to continue this zero infection rate.

HAP Achievement Award

Deemed a public health threat by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDI poses significant risk for patients, such as those being treated for cancer, who are immunosuppressed. Among cancer patients, CDI is associated with significant mortality.

From 2012 through 2017, Eastern Regional Medical Center undertook a coordinated effort to reduce its already low incidence of CDI. Key steps in the process included:

  • Securing an infection preventionist to improve the infection control program and an infectious disease physician to provide consult and lead the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
  • Performing daily reviews of all patients receiving antibiotic therapy to optimize regimens and identify any opportunities to de-escalate or discontinue antibiotics in order to reduce the risk of CDI
  • Using a more sensitive and specific CDI testing method
  • Making sure strict hand hygiene and isolation procedures were followed
  • Educating clinicians and nurses about how to improve CDI diagnosis, prevention, and treatment 

In addition to eliminating CDI from October 2016 through December 2017 and beyond, Eastern Regional Medical Center also achieved 98 percent hand hygiene compliance since 2012.

Congratulations to Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Eastern Regional Medical Center for receiving a 2018 HAP Achievement Award. Learn more about their efforts as well as the other 2018 award-winning program on HAP’s website. 

Questions about the HAP Achievement Awards may be directed to HAP Member Services at (717) 561-5359.

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