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Providers, Patients Encouraged to "Engage for Health" During Health Literacy Month

October 10, 2017

When patients and their families understand and engage in their health care, they have better outcomes and a more positive experience. October is National Health Literacy Month and HAP encourages providers and patients to learn more about what you can do to better understand your care.

HAP’s popular Engage for Health program is a “turn key” patient education program that providers can conduct in a variety of locations. With the support of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), Engage for Health has grown beyond Pennsylvania. Hospitals, libraries, and health care providers across the nation are working together to conduct Engage for Health programs. Providers can find complete Engage for Health information, tools, and training resources on the NNLM website.

Patients can learn more about how to take an active role in their care by:

  • Watching the online Engage for Health video program
  • Attending an Engage for Health program in their community
  • Reviewing the information available on HAP’s website
  • Joining the Healthy Me PA community (via website, Facebook, and Twitter) for tips to help you understand health care terms and determine effective ways to ask your doctor important questions about your health

Additional information is available from HAP’s Jennifer Collins, director, public affairs, at (717) 561-5330.

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