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PHC4 Releases 2016 Financial Analysis for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

September 26, 2017

Today, the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4) released its fiscal year 2016 financial analysis for ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). ASCs are health care facilities focused on providing same-day surgical care.

During fiscal year 2016, there were 286 ASCs, matching the number of ASCs reported the previous fiscal year. The 286 ASCs reported more than 1.1 million outpatient visits, an increase of about four percent from fiscal year 2015, and a 29 percent increase over the last ten years.

In Pennsylvania, ASCs perform more than a quarter of the total 3.7 million outpatient procedures in Pennsylvania, at 26.4 percent. The report says 73.6 percent of outpatient procedures during fiscal year 2016 were performed at general acute care hospitals.

ASC operating margins and total margins, which indicate their fiscal health, remained steady compared to fiscal year 2015.


FY 2015

FY 2016

Average Operating Margin



Average Total Margin




Of the 286 ASCs, 85 percent, or 231, operated as for-profit facilities. The remaining 15 percent, or 42 facilities, performing services are non-profit facilities.

This is the second financial analysis PHC4 has released this year as a part of a three-part series. Financial Analysis Volume One, released earlier this year, reported about the financial landscape of general acute care hospitals.

For more information about the report, please contact Phillip M. Burrell, director, health market research.

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