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Battling Opioid Addiction across State Lines

June 05, 2017

Starting today, registered users of the Pennsylvania Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PA PDMP) can search for information regarding opioid prescriptions filled by their patients in neighboring states. 

This new level of interstate data exchange, called the PMP Interconnect Search, is an important step in identifying patients who may be crossing state lines to get opioid medications without their doctors’ knowledge. 

This new interoperability function is currently only available for neighboring states, with plans to connect with more states in the weeks to come.

One caveat: some states limit access to this information only to providers with an active DEA license. This will limit the interstate search by non-DEA licensed medical professionals, medical students, and resident trainees who are currently registered PA PDMP users. 

Pennsylvania hospitals and physicians are working in concert with state and local authorities to identify patients that are abusing, misusing, or diverting opioid prescription drugs. The PMP Interconnect Search will provide a more complete picture of a patient’s opioid use by identifying interstate sources of opioid prescriptions. 

HAP is a strong supporter of this new interoperability and looks forward to future work by the PDMP office to connect the PDMP to patient electronic medical records. More information regarding HAP’s efforts to help PA providers fight the opioid crisis is summarized on the HAP website. 

For more information, please contact Michael J. Consuelos, HAP’s senior vice president, clinical integration.

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