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Patient Safety Week—Bringing Awareness to Consumers and Health Care Professionals

March 15, 2017

Patient Safety Awareness Week continues through Saturday, March 18. The week, organized by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), is the culmination of the United in Patient Safety campaign. The work aims to increase awareness about patient safety.

Through the United for Patient Safety website, consumers and professionals can take a pledge to raise awareness about patient safety in addition to accessing valuable tools and resources. The goal is to empower consumers to be active in their care, and to ask questions and raise concerns and preferences along the way.

According to NPSF, one in ten patients develops a health-care acquired condition during hospitalization and more than 44,000 patients die as a result of medical error. However, important work is being conducted at the federal, state, and local levels to dramatically reduce hospital-acquired conditions (HAC).

Raising awareness for patient safety has been at the center of HAP’s quality initiative. Through HAP’s Pennsylvania Hospital Engagement Network (PA-HEN) and now HAP’s Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN), Pennsylvania hospitals have made tremendous strides in improving patient safety, specifically:

  • 20 percent reduction in all-cause harm across 11 (HAC)
  • 12 percent reduction in 30-day all-cause readmissions

In addition to working with hospitals and other health care providers, HAP has taken steps to provide valuable resources to consumers to take a more active role in their health care decisions. HAP’s website feature resources for patients and family members ranging from choosing a health insurance policy to asking the right questions—including Care in Pennsylvania, a new cost and quality tool for consumers.

During 2017, HAP also launched Healthy Me PA, an online digital community with healthy lifestyle tips, expert health care advice, and resources for tackling chronic health conditions. To date, more than 100,000 individuals have joined this growing community.

Visit the Healthy Me PA website and signup to receive the helpful emails, follow the community on Twitter, or like the Facebook page and share with your friends.

For more information on becoming involved with HIIN—including access to valuable tools, resources, and webinars—please contact HAP’s Janette Bisbee.

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