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HAP Talking Points on Draft Nurse Staffing Resolution

HAP fundamentally opposes the main premise behind the draft resolution––the assumed causation between nurse staffing decisions and negative patient outcomes.

  • The language of the resolution is overtly biased.
  • It makes references to reports that are, at best, inconclusive.
  • If the ultimate goal of the nurse community really is––as it is for hospitals––to continually work to improve patient safety and to increase quality, we would welcome the opportunity to work with them to take a comprehensive look at the challenges that impact the ability of hospitals to provide the right care at the right time at the right cost. For instance, pressures caused by increasing state and federal payment reductions or onerous state and federal mandates that drain resources unnecessarily.
  • Further, we would welcome the opportunity to work with nurses on a study that would seek to make recommendations on what state government can do proactively to support the current efforts of all health care practitioners to institute best practices in patient care or to proactively empower health care professionals to work together more closely across the entire continuum of care.
  • A fair and thoughtful study on what state government can do to help hospitals and health care providers improve patient safety and increase quality requires a much more comprehensive approach than the draft resolution calls for.
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